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[11-29, 12:38 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 5% on your favorite styles today!
[11-26, 12:03 PM] Chris
: And I hope you all enjoy your Holiday.
[11-26, 12:03 PM] Chris
: I've decided to slowly work on the CFML version over time.
[11-25, 4:26 PM] Luke
: Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy 50% off on the store! :P
[11-07, 3:11 AM] Chris
: See: Next Update
[11-07, 2:44 AM] Phoenix
: Ok my bad, read too quick as it was late :) I read Bug Fix, Apostrophe Fix, under New Threads & Replies and assumed it related to the apostrophe issue with the store :/ is there anyone looking into that at the moment btw?
[11-07, 2:35 AM] Chris
: Can you link the 'fix' in question?
[11-07, 2:33 AM] Phoenix
: Hey guys n gals, hope your all doing well today :) quick question, was the apostrophe fix to do with a db design?
[11-07, 1:40 AM] Chris
: By the way, I hope you all checked out the new trailer for the WarCraft Movie that's on YouTube right now.
[11-07, 12:26 AM] Chris
: The 5% discount is no longer available.
[11-06, 3:59 AM] Chris
: Due to constant abuse of our Download System, I am considering on suggesting for all Russian IP Addresses to be blocked from our services. ACMS is free, but the expenses are not.
[11-01, 12:01 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck! See who won.
[10-28, 3:00 PM] Nuxxiz
: my bad. i'll keep myself updated on the thread instead :)
[10-28, 3:00 PM] Chris
: See your thread. Technical Support is not allowed in the Shoutbox.
[10-28, 2:43 PM] Nuxxiz
: so i'd write 7878 instead of 8085 no the realm settings in the acp?
[10-28, 1:49 PM] Chris
: So yeah, you're fine. Just make sure you have all your stuff set-up properly and you'll be good to go. Remember to use your SOAP information instead of RA.
[10-28, 1:48 PM] Chris
: That was answered already in my previous shout.
[10-28, 7:28 AM] Nuxxiz
: well i mean like having the CMS hosted on a webhost then having the database hosted on the dedicated server.
[10-27, 11:56 PM] Chris
: By multi-host, do you mean having both a webhost and a dedicated server/VPS? If so, yes. Though, it is much easier just using the same host.
[10-27, 7:39 PM] Nuxxiz
: Does azerCMS support multi-host?

[10-22, 10:48 AM] Chris
: Please note that if it is noticed that you are abusing the download system excessively, an abuse report will be sent to your ISP.
[10-18, 3:07 PM] Luke
: @Austin, You have only purchased the Escalation theme.
[10-18, 2:06 PM] Austin
: Actually, I have access to download Escalation however not Shawpawned.
[10-18, 2:04 PM] Austin
: Heey, I no longer have access the themes I have bought before. Such as the Escalation theme and the Shapawned theme.

Official Azer CMS Style/Module Hosting
Posted 10-15-15, at 4:19 PM.
Azer CMS now offers official hosting for Styles and Modules compatible with V2.0 / V3.0 of ACMS. No need to deal with third party hosting services and dead links. In order to qualify as an applicant, a copy of the style and/or module, description, and version compatibility must be submitted to Chris or Luke via Email.

After your application email has been received, it will be reviewed to ensure no malicious contents are enclosed. Once the contents have been reviewed, the file will be uploaded in a .ZIP format and the applicant will receive a PM containing the Download Link for distribution. Eventually the system will be updated to support .RAR archives as an alternative to .ZIP.

We hope you take advantage of this service!

- The Azer CMS Team
By Chris.
Azer CMS 2011 - 2015
Posted 09-02-15, at 12:20 AM.
The Azer CMS project started in 2011, today the site is currently on its fifth design refresh. Over the past four years, the site has seen millions of visitors, had 500,000+ Downloads, and has grossed over $2,000 USD. Overall, the project has been a huge part of my life, and I have had so much fun, developing and playing a support role for those who use the CMS. I love having the opportunity to look back and see its success, and to watch as the project continues to grow going forward. With that, I would like to thank all of those who have supported the Azer CMS project!

Project Support Team

CMS Credits:
Wilson212 for the style parser.
Silver for the auto refresh in the Shoutbox Module
Silver for the JS slider in the Default Style

Member Support:
A shout out to Chris, the project Manager, for all of his help and support with the project.

2011 - 2015
^ Click to expand.

The Azer CMS project would not still exist, if not for all of the support received. Thank you for choosing Azer CMS!


Luke Schofield
Azer CMS Administrator.
By Luke.
[Update] Item Store
Posted 08-05-15, at 10:39 PM.
After several long hours working with the RA system for TrinityCore, I was unable to solve the issue surrounding the Item Store. However, I have modified the CMS with a temporary SOAP replacement for compatibility with the latest TrinityCore revisions. The official download has been updated with this temporary replacement, and will not have RA support.

Config Settings

$ra_host = "; #- SOAP Host
$ra_user = ""; #- Remains the same
$ra_pass = ""; #- Remains the same

Realms Table

The column ra_port will be the listening port you set for SOAP in your worldserver config.

Store_items Table

[1]. The amount column in this table allows you to send multiples of the same item, however it will only work with stackable items, and should not exceed the max stack amount.

[2].The item column has not changed and will still allow you to send multiple items with each separated by a comma. For example 8529, 6948 would send a Hearthstone x1 as well as Noggenfogger Elixir x1.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please post a reply. However, this temporary fix has only been tested in a few select scenarios, and full functionality can not be guaranteed at this time. If you any issues, please open a proper Technical Support thread.
By Luke.
Advertise with us!
Posted 05-16-15, at 1:29 PM.
With the launch of our new home page, we are also launching the new advertising system, which will allow user(s) to purchase an ad spot on the bottom of the Azer CMS home page at a low monthly rate. As of current the purchase, and process of going live with a new advertisement will be managed by the Azer CMS Staff manually, we do have plans to launch an automated system to take over in the future. Once the automated system has taken over, user(s) will be able to purchase, manage, and view advertisement statistics from their User Control Panel.

Advertisement Details

  • Banner Size: 468px x 60px

  • Image Type: .PNG(Support Dropped), .GIF

  • Location: Home Page

  • Rate(s): $3.99 / Monthly

  • Load Type: Ads will load at random with equal chance.

Note: If for any reason a user is banned, all advertisements purchased by the user will be deactivated without refund.

If as a member, you are interested in advertising with us, you can contact either Chris or Luke via the Private Message system. Additional contact methods can be found on the Azer CMS Contact Page.
By Luke.
Posted 10-19-14, at 2:50 AM.
I am excited to announce the launch of the Premium Shapawned Style for V3.0. License purchase is now available in the Store.



By Luke.