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[Sticky] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 30% on your favorite styles today!
[Sticky] System
: Our latest Play To Win game is close to an end, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[07-26, 1:47 PM] Chris
: Please review the Shoutbox Rules, Hamodi01.
[07-23, 8:49 PM] Luke
: As of current, the root cause of the problem is still unknown.
[07-23, 1:37 PM] Fantatik123
: Hows the shop thing going?
Im waiting for it so i can open the server
[07-16, 8:50 AM] Chris
: The forum for server advertisements has been cleaned up. All posts containing no links or dead links were deleted.
[07-05, 7:18 AM] Caki951
: Thanks Chris .
[07-04, 1:47 PM] Chris
: @Caki951 Please review the Shoutbox Rules. See also: Item Store Compatibility
[07-04, 1:16 AM] Chris
: Hello.
[07-03, 4:18 PM] Caki951
: Hello is anyone online ?
[07-01, 1:06 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[07-01, 12:01 AM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[06-30, 11:21 PM] Chris
: If you are experiencing overflowing elements in a mobile browser on the new home-page, please list your phone and browser in addition to a screenshot here.
[06-20, 10:00 AM] Luke
: As of current, there is no estimated time for an update to fix the issue, as the cause of the issue is still unknown.
[06-20, 9:30 AM] Fantatik123
: Hello there Admin, i would like to buy some designs but as i saw the shop doesnt work for newest trinity Revs, when will it be solved? i really like this website and i would like to get some styles after fixed
[06-01, 12:01 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[06-01, 12:01 AM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[05-31, 11:27 PM] Luke
: Play To Win ends in thirty-three minutes, good luck guys!
[05-30, 9:26 PM] Chris
: Unfortunately, I can't understand what you're trying to say.
[05-30, 6:52 PM] Lassal
: I have a record to buy all themes, so have a choice, I can not even pay by paypal, please remove my account here fórum.
[05-28, 10:24 AM] Chris
: The Recruitment Thread for New Staff Members has been reworked. We are still currently looking for at least one Moderator.
[05-25, 11:50 AM] Chris
: Notice: As of today, I will be signing all of my e-mails via GPG.
[05-16, 10:56 AM] Luke
: To be more specific, we use the same SHA1 Salty Hash that TrinityCore uses.
[05-16, 10:54 AM] Luke
: Passwords on the Azer CMS website are encrypted. When you recover your password, it generates a new password, and it is recommended that you change your password after recovery.
[05-16, 8:19 AM] Raistlin
: Hey guys, just a bit concerned that my password was mailed back to me in plain text. Is there a reason you guys don't encrypt your passwords?
[05-15, 5:11 PM] Luke
: You can find our TeamSpeak Connection Information by browsing to the Contact page.
[05-15, 4:37 PM] Kenan1201
: im new here and where do i find teamspeak info?
[05-11, 8:10 PM] Chris
: Feel free to hop on TeamSpeak if you guys want to talk with us.
[05-10, 6:14 PM] Luke
: Incoming!
[05-10, 6:11 PM] Chris
: Hey Luke, can you hop on TeamSpeak real quick?
[05-10, 6:08 PM] Luke
: The new Home Page has launched!
[05-08, 10:44 PM] Chris
: Indeed.
[05-08, 10:36 PM] Luke
: Feels barren now lol.

Advertise with us!
Posted 05-16-15, at 1:29 PM.
With the launch of our new home page, we are also launching the new advertising system, which will allow user(s) to purchase an ad spot on the bottom of the Azer CMS home page at a low monthly rate. As of current the purchase, and process of going live with a new advertisement will be managed by the Azer CMS Staff manually, we do have plans to launch an automated system to take over in the future. Once the automated system has taken over, user(s) will be able to purchase, manage, and view advertisement statistics from their User Control Panel.

Advertisement Details

  • Banner Size: 468px x 60px

  • Image Type: .PNG, .GIF

  • Location: Home Page

  • Rate(s): $3.99 / Monthly

  • Load Type: Ads will load at random with equal chance.

Note: If for any reason a user is banned, all advertisements purchased by the user will be deactivated without refund.

If as a member, you are interested in advertising with us, you can contact either Chris or Luke via the Private Message system. Additional contact methods can be found on the Azer CMS Contact Page.
By Luke.
New Azer-CMS Home Page:
Posted 05-11-15, at 2:03 AM.
The new home page for the Azer-CMS website has been launched as of Sunday, May 10th, 2015 (05-10-2015). Changes will be made over time to both the home page and forum to accommodate this launch. Feel free to make suggestions in the Opinions forum if you'd like. If you notice any bugs and/or issues, please let us know here.


Concept Design(s)
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By Chris.
[Compatibility] Item Store
Posted 04-09-15, at 9:02 PM.
After some lengthy troubleshooting, I was able to determine that the Item Store is no longer compatible with the newer TrinityCore builds. The reason why it is no longer compatible is still unclear... but I am looking into the issue, and will post again when I can determine the problem. I will be reaching out to the TrinityCore team to see if they have any insight about the problem.
By Luke.
Posted 10-19-14, at 2:50 AM.
I am excited to announce the launch of the Premium Shapawned Style for V3.0. License purchase is now available in the Store.



By Luke.
[Play To Win] Winner Selected
Posted 06-30-15, at 12:00 AM.
Congratulations to Phoenix for winning the latest Play to Win Game. Thank you to all the Members that joined!

The next game has been scheduled, so check out your Play to Win Hub and enter for your chance to win, Good Luck!

Phoenix's Prize
Download License for ZaFireHD.
By Luke.