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[11-16, 7:47 AM] Shadydevv
: rly didnt saw. thx :)
[11-16, 7:30 AM] Chris
: Go into a forum and press 'New Topic'.
[11-16, 7:23 AM] Shadydevv
: how to post a new topic?
[11-14, 10:55 PM] Chris
: Off-hand, I don't remember what they are.
[11-14, 10:55 PM] Chris
: It's written with the intention of being hosted on the same server. There were some things you could change to properly support external hosting.
[11-14, 10:15 AM] Sticker94
: Any support for installing Azer CMS on an external server? Need clarification on a few host entries
[11-13, 6:24 AM] Chris
: When installing PHP, please remember to make sure you have MySQL support. It's not as simple as just installing PHP and MySQL/MariaDB.
[11-10, 2:38 PM] Chris
: Pretty sure Luke said new themes will be needed due to some of the changes, I honestly don't remember and just woke up as well.
[11-10, 6:04 AM] Smokey
: Are you guys gonna run a sale when V4 comes out? Or will there be new themes and such?
[11-02, 3:25 PM] Chris
: A new FAQ was made in regards to an issue that occurs when our installer fails to run successfully and results in the required auth db columns not being added.
[10-27, 4:21 PM] Chris
: Just a reminder that we do offer support via TeamSpeak. Head here to find out how to connect.
[10-26, 6:47 PM] Chris
: And besides, writing your own CMS means that you can use whatever language you want back-end-wise. We use PHP, but you could use Python, Perl, Ruby, CFML, etc...
[10-26, 3:25 PM] Papadocks
: Alright thank you Chris!
[10-26, 2:50 PM] Chris
: Although, at that point, it would be better off just writing your own CMS from scratch.
[10-26, 2:49 PM] Chris
: @Papadocks No. You need to go through the CMS to change everything that interacts with the server to be compatible with CMaNGOS. I don't know what all is different, so I can't say what all you need to change.
[10-26, 2:27 PM] Papadocks
: What tweaks would be needed to do? DB Tweaks basicly?
thank you chris!
[10-26, 10:38 AM] Chris
: @Papadocks You must tweak the CMS to be compatible with CMaNGOS.
[10-26, 10:37 AM] Chris
: @Mazxz Check the FAQ Forum.
[10-26, 8:57 AM] Papadocks
: Hello, Luke is there a way to get AzerCMS to work with CMangos? I feel like it's the best CMS around there, but I'm not able to use it cuz I'm driving torwards CMangos
[10-26, 6:39 AM] Mazxz
: Is azercms support 6.x register?
[10-19, 11:34 AM] Chris
: The Expansion Compatibility FAQ has been updated as well, reflecting current events that have occurred since it was last touched.
[10-19, 8:55 AM] DevIcarus
: Ok, thanks :)
[10-19, 6:57 AM] Chris
: Check the FAQ forum.
[10-19, 5:49 AM] DevIcarus
: Hi :3 I'm new here, does V3 support Cataclysm please? :)
[10-15, 1:18 PM] Chris
: You're welcome. Enjoy your style.
[10-15, 1:17 PM] Snoopsis
: thanks =)
[10-15, 1:15 PM] Chris
: Go to the User Control Panel, then under 'Account', click on 'Download Licenses'.
[10-15, 1:13 PM] Snoopsis
: i just purchased a theme, but how do i download it?
[10-13, 6:41 PM] Luke
: The Search System is now available.
[10-13, 10:14 AM] Chris
: Glad to hear. Sorry that I wasn't able to help with your last bit, I had gotten distracted. Feel free to make a new thread if you have any more issues.
[10-13, 10:06 AM] Zethos29
: Thank you Chris for all of your support! I have managed to get everything up and running.
[10-13, 8:04 AM] Chris
: No problem. I apologize for the inconvenience that's been caused by the search function being unavailable right now.
[10-13, 8:03 AM] Zethos29
: Thanks Chris!
[10-13, 7:59 AM] Chris
: The profile page is another thing that is still disabled due to that. I'll have Luke enable the search page when he is able to.
[10-13, 7:58 AM] Chris
: It works. Certain things are still disabled due to the fact that we're still transitioning some of the website over time to the new style.
[10-13, 7:56 AM] Zethos29
: Does the search function on the forum work? I seem to get an error every time I search for something here.
[10-13, 5:54 AM] Chris
: Azer CMS is officially supported by PHP 5.4.x and 5.5.x. You can use 5.6.x, but note that some issues have been found with using this version of PHP.
[10-13, 3:19 AM] Snoopsis
: Good morning, does azer cms 3 works with php 5.6?
[10-12, 7:36 PM] Chris
: It is appreciated that you are posting your solutions to the problems you receive, however. So thank you for doing that.
[10-12, 7:35 PM] Chris
: Please don't ask for Technical Support in the Shoutbox. Refer to our Shoutbox Rules.
[10-12, 3:03 PM] Zethos29
: And yes, I've started a topic on the forum where I'm posting workarounds as the existing info for linux is limited in a way.

[Development] Azer CMS V4
Posted 08-04-16, at 7:58 PM.
I am excited to announce the development of Azer CMS V4, and with that... a whole new face to the project, including a new Default Style, ACP Login, and Admin Control Panel! I am working to ensure V4 is compatible with both PHP Versions 5.6.1 and 7.0.4. V4 will also have support for newer expansions and continued support for 3.3.5. If you have any suggestions for V4 like features and such, please leave a comment below! As of current, there is no estimated release date for V4, but I will keep the community updated as the project gains progress.

V4 Default Style
Click for Full Size.

V4 ACP Login

V4 Admin Control Panel

Also check out the New Azer CMS Store!

Azer CMS is a free project, however the operation cost(s) are not. All purchases will help to cover the operation cost(s) of the Azer CMS project. Thank you for your support and for choosing Azer CMS! --> Web Store.

Login System 50% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the login page.

Registration & Expansion Support 98% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the Registration page.

The registration will support the following expansions:

  • Wrath of the Lich King using MySQLi Based account registration.

  • Cataclysm using MySQLi Based account registration with RBAC.

  • Mist of Pandaria using UnKnown registration format.

  • Warlords of Draenor using MySQLi Based BattleNet & Account registration with RBAC.

The AntiBot system used in V3 will be replaced with an updated and more effective captcha.

At launch the Ajax system, V3 uses to identify valid input for registration before submission, will not be available.
By Luke.
Official Azer CMS Style/Module Hosting
Posted 10-15-15, at 4:19 PM.
Azer CMS now offers official hosting for Styles and Modules compatible with V2.0 / V3.0 of ACMS. No need to deal with third party hosting services and dead links. In order to qualify as an applicant, a copy of the style and/or module, description, and version compatibility must be submitted to Chris or Luke via Email.

After your application email has been received, it will be reviewed to ensure no malicious contents are enclosed. Once the contents have been reviewed, the file will be uploaded in a .ZIP format and the applicant will receive a PM containing the Download Link for distribution. Eventually the system will be updated to support .RAR archives as an alternative to .ZIP.

We hope you take advantage of this service!

- The Azer CMS Team
By Chris.
[Update] Item Store
Posted 08-05-15, at 10:39 PM.
After several long hours working with the RA system for TrinityCore, I was unable to solve the issue surrounding the Item Store. However, I have modified the CMS with a temporary SOAP replacement for compatibility with the latest TrinityCore revisions. The official download has been updated with this temporary replacement, and will not have RA support.

Config Settings

$ra_host = "; #- SOAP Host
$ra_user = ""; #- Remains the same
$ra_pass = ""; #- Remains the same

Realms Table

The column ra_port will be the listening port you set for SOAP in your worldserver config.

Store_items Table

[1]. The amount column in this table allows you to send multiples of the same item, however it will only work with stackable items, and should not exceed the max stack amount.

[2].The item column has not changed and will still allow you to send multiple items with each separated by a comma. For example 8529, 6948 would send a Hearthstone x1 as well as Noggenfogger Elixir x1.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please post a reply. However, this temporary fix has only been tested in a few select scenarios, and full functionality can not be guaranteed at this time. If you any issues, please open a proper Technical Support thread.
By Luke.
Posted 10-19-14, at 2:50 AM.
I am excited to announce the launch of the Premium Shapawned Style for V3.0. License purchase is now available in the Store.



By Luke.

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