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[04-17, 11:08 AM] Benvalmont
: I have lost my ACP password anyway i can get it back or reset it
[04-16, 7:05 AM] Chris
: Please review the rules for the Shoutbox, Valyfcs.
[04-16, 4:35 AM] Valyfcs
: Can you help me? i have problem installing Azer CMS
[04-16, 4:35 AM] Valyfcs
: Hi everyone
[04-09, 9:16 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 20% on your favorite styles today!
[04-09, 9:05 PM] Luke
: If you have been experiencing compatibility problems with the Azer CMS Item Store, and a newer TrinityCore Build, please read here.
[04-07, 8:56 PM] Luke
: Thank you, Chris and Austin.
[04-07, 3:43 PM] Chris
: I hope everyone had a good holiday.
[04-06, 4:02 PM] Austin
: Hey! Happy Easter everyone!
[04-01, 8:09 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[04-01, 6:44 AM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[03-29, 6:23 PM] Slymooper
: @Shaldos, it is a ZIP file that you have to extract. :)
[03-28, 6:37 PM] Luke
: The download button on the menu above is the link.
[03-28, 2:50 PM] Shaldos
: dude.. how can I actually download the cms? ^^ kind of only seem to be able to find that "Azer" file. Sorry if I act like a total noob
[03-22, 9:44 PM] Luke
: I can recommend Corsair Gaming Keyboards.
[03-21, 9:45 PM] Luke
: I will link the one I use when I get a chance. Currently out of town.
[03-21, 4:05 PM] Chris
: Hey guys, if you have any Mechanical Keyboard(s) that you'd recommend, please PM me a link to it/them.
[03-05, 10:38 AM] Chris
: TreyJey, please review the Shoutbox Rules.
[03-03, 6:23 PM] Luke
: My apologies for the delayed response, please see your thread.
[03-03, 4:14 PM] XaioXiin
: Can someone please helpout?
[03-01, 11:15 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[03-01, 11:14 AM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[02-28, 4:15 PM] Chris
: Azer-CMS v3.0 supports WotLK and Cataclysm.
[02-28, 2:59 PM] XaioXiin
: Does azer cms support 4.3.4?
[02-28, 6:20 AM] Ursaru
: i can*
[02-28, 6:19 AM] Ursaru
: where i create website?
[02-26, 9:56 PM] Luke
: Play To Win ends Saturday, enter now for a chance to win!
[02-26, 9:52 PM] Luke
: Shoutbox rules updated.
[02-26, 2:05 AM] Chris
: Went into my ACMS E-Mail to find so much spam... My fingers ;_;
[02-25, 10:20 AM] XaioXiin
: Im sorry, im just need help thats all^^
[02-25, 4:03 AM] NoEffinWay
: Oh, my bad, did I use profanity...though, technically, the rules say ABUSIVE language, no OFFENSIVE. :P LOL Seriously though, my bad.
[02-24, 4:46 PM] Chris
: Please review the Shoutbox Rules, XaioXiin.
[02-21, 12:08 AM] Chris
: That's good. I'm doing alright for the time being, thanks for asking.
[02-20, 11:17 PM] NoEffinWay
: I'm doing pretty good, how about you?
[02-17, 1:46 PM] Chris
: Hey NoEffinWay, how's it going?
[02-17, 5:36 AM] NoEffinWay
: Hello Worldrn
[02-13, 7:42 AM] Chris
: @Devproject I see only the one where you apologized. I'm assuming the previous one didn't go through.
[02-13, 6:49 AM] Devproject
: not sure if my shout worked.. if it did sorry for the double post
[02-06, 9:26 PM] Chris
: Made a couple of edits to the list of Linux Distros I'd recommend trying out. (view them)
[02-06, 7:36 PM] Luke
: Hey guys, apologies for my absence, I have been in the process of moving over the past few days.
[02-06, 11:52 AM] Chris
: I've responded to several Technical Support threads, keep in mind that I will try to help as best I can, but please don't spam the Shoutbox later on once you have submitted a thread/reply. (remember, the rules are linked at the top of the Shoutbox)
[02-06, 6:50 AM] Chris
: Someone asked me to try out Fedora 21 Workstation to see if I would recommend it. I can say that, so far, I'm not impressed. In fact, I'm a bit disgusted.
[02-03, 10:18 PM] Chris
: Please follow the Shoutbox Rules, Levcsu.
[02-01, 7:00 PM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[02-01, 6:56 PM] Chris
: Please make threads in the Technical Support forum, Mion and Playskoo. (Shoutbox Rules)
[02-01, 4:04 AM] Chris
: Hmm... Well, I'm testing a live version of this distro I found recently, never got around to it before. Finally fixed the WiFi issue just about twenty minutes ago. I must say, I am enjoying it so far.
[01-30, 2:17 AM] Fvicaria
: Hi Luke... I may need a little more help. CHeck your pm. Thanks!
[01-29, 9:25 PM] Luke
: Fvicaria, please see your Private Messages.
[01-29, 6:25 AM] Fvicaria
: Hi Luke I just got one of your templates and was wondering if you could give me a hand on how to install it...
[01-28, 6:17 PM] Luke
: Just a few days left for our Latest Play To Win game, good to all of you who entered!
[01-19, 4:44 PM] Chris
: Please review the Shoutbox Rules, Erictemponi and Ak47sigh.
[01-14, 9:12 AM] Chris
: Please review the Shoutbox Rules, Remamakiller.
[01-02, 11:25 PM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[12-31, 4:17 PM] Chris
: We're looking into the Play to Win bug. Please rest assured.
[12-30, 12:01 AM] Luke
: Our latest Play To Win Game has ended, and a new Game has been scheduled, see who won.
[12-29, 11:36 AM] Chris
: Please make a thread in the Technical Support Forum. (Shoutbox Rules)
[12-29, 3:50 AM] Coderedfan13
: i followed the guide luke posted to install cms still fifnt work guess it hates me lol
[12-25, 4:37 PM] Foufos
: chris u on still?
[12-25, 1:26 PM] Chris
: Updated the Linux Technical Support FAQ to include a resource for some commands for Bash. Please do message me if you need to have other questions answered!
[12-25, 1:04 PM] Chris
: Merry Christmas to all, and I hope all who celebrated Hanukkah had a Happy Hanukkah!
[12-25, 9:37 AM] Foufos
: merry xmas all!
[12-24, 8:36 PM] Luke
: Merry Christmas Austin!
[12-24, 7:18 PM] Austin
: Christmas Special:
Austin makes an appearance! Merry Christmas everyone!
[12-24, 6:43 PM] Foufos
: no i fixed it sorry
[12-23, 10:35 AM] Chris
: @Foufos You're going to have to make a Technical Support Thread. Please review the Shoutbox Rules.
[12-22, 8:35 PM] Luke
: And the Christmas Style is live! Merry Christmas!
[12-22, 5:28 PM] Endeavor
: hey
[12-22, 5:06 PM] Foufos
: GUYS when downloading on my windows 64bit dedi, i get a octlet from java or something
[12-22, 4:57 PM] Foufos
: sup all
[12-21, 12:23 PM] Chris
: Itemplates has provided a new link for the Crusader Style II Azer-CMS theme.
[12-21, 12:19 PM] Chris
: I'm unsure if Luke plans to use the Christmas Theme. I'll ask in a bit.
[12-21, 2:16 AM] Lope
: Hi! Not Christmas theme is used this year? It would be nice. Merry Christmas everybody! :)
[12-17, 11:27 AM] Chris
: I forgot to mention that you can download Azer-CMS v3 as a .RAR archive now, so if you have trouble downloading it as a .ZIP, try it as a .RAR.
[12-11, 4:20 AM] Ak47sigh
: Luke, can you reply to that pm?
[12-10, 7:04 AM] Luke
: Hi there, Dominik96.
[12-10, 6:21 AM] Dominik96
: is there any active member?
[12-01, 12:01 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[11-30, 2:09 PM] Chris
: For those using v3.0, please read this announcement of an important security bug that was patched.
[11-30, 1:06 PM] Chris
: @Security Please review the Shoutbox Rules.
[11-29, 9:09 PM] Chris
: Just a quick reminder, we DO have a Spam & Abuse Policy regarding the ACMS Website. I don't like banning people, and I'm sure Luke doesn't either.
[11-29, 7:11 PM] Luke
: Version 3.1.0_PHP_5.3 is no longer available in the Version 3 Download.
[11-29, 6:04 PM] Luke
: Tomorrow at Midnight, Play To Win will cycle and select a new Winner, don't forget to enter before it ends!
[11-28, 3:35 PM] Chris
: Please make a post in the Technical Support forum regarding this issue.
[11-28, 9:18 AM] Darksoke
: hmm wierd if i use [img width=400 height=200]link[/img] it doe not work it just paste the code not the image
[11-26, 9:00 PM] Luke
: Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the Store is now 40% off, enjoy!
[11-25, 10:31 PM] Luke
: Just five days left, don't forget to enter to Win! Play To Win!
[11-24, 6:03 PM] Luke
: What do you mean?
[11-24, 11:57 AM] Bruybenj
: unable to download Azer CMS V2.0
[11-23, 9:48 PM] Luke
: @Darksoke, Yes you can. You can modify it in the BBCode, if you would like help in doing so, please post a Support Thread.
[11-23, 4:37 AM] Chris
: @Wowrsa Please make a post in the Technical Support forum regarding that issue. Thanks.
[11-23, 1:32 AM] Darksoke
: is there a way I can increase the image size from news posts ? It's annoying to post an image and it will be scaled down to 200x100px
[11-22, 5:48 PM] Luke
: The front end of the Site does not have a link, you must manually navigate to the Admin Control Panel, ex.
[11-22, 8:03 AM] Wowrsa
: Is it possible to access admin control panel through website?
[11-22, 8:02 AM] Wowrsa
: Hello
[11-19, 10:04 PM] Luke
: Play To Win has just eleven days left in the current Game cycle, don't forget to enter for your chance to win!
[11-17, 3:18 AM] DJMali
: It gets really lonely here some times.
[11-16, 4:15 PM] Chris
: @Renatokeys Hello.
[11-16, 11:54 AM] Renatokeys
: hi everybody
[11-15, 2:50 AM] Chris
: @Iceyman Please review the Shoutbox Rules.
[11-13, 4:21 AM] Chris
: I don't work with Telnet, which is why I haven't replied. Luke also works 40hrs/week due to a full-time job, so sometimes he won't respond for a bit. I don't respond unless I have experience with the subject or have seen the issue answered before.
[11-13, 3:06 AM] DJMali
: Hey chris, Luke was helping me, but I guess he's gone MIA, or forgot.. Could you take a look at my thread? it's been another 3 days since I've seen a reply.
[11-11, 10:34 PM] DJMali
: Still can't get this working ._.
[11-09, 2:27 PM] Luke
: Good Morning!
[11-09, 1:41 PM] DJMali
: la dee daa.
[11-08, 6:37 PM] DJMali
: Alright, thanks man. I've replied.
[11-08, 5:40 PM] Luke
: My apologies for the delayed response, please take a look at your thread.
[11-08, 2:34 AM] DJMali
: Well, would you take a look at my thread? o-o It's been about 3 days.
[11-07, 2:45 AM] Chris
: Mmmm... Not necessarily. I'm just not that talkative unless I have a specific reason to be.
[11-06, 3:33 AM] DJMali
: Posted a thread yesterday. Got no replies. #ImaLoser. xD Kidding.
[11-06, 1:16 AM] Chris
: Thank you, Mali.
[11-05, 10:35 PM] DJMali
: Merry Birthmas Chris.
[11-05, 9:17 PM] Luke
: I know this is early, but because I have to head to bed lol.... Happy Birthday to Chris! Thanks for all of your help!
[11-05, 8:37 PM] Luke
: Sandwiches.
[11-05, 8:08 PM] DJMali
: Fun. Whatcha eatin?
[11-05, 8:02 PM] Luke
: Cool cool... I am eating dinner lol.
[11-05, 7:36 PM] DJMali
: Nothing much, Just trying to configure more upon my CMS, having problems. c: XD finally finished my forum doe.
[11-05, 7:35 PM] Luke
: What's up?
[11-05, 7:30 PM] DJMali
: Anyone online? .-.
[11-05, 2:01 PM] DJMali
: Oh nice nice.
[11-04, 7:41 PM] Chris
: Keep in mind that I still do offer Linux Technical Support, I'm just currently testing out a few distros to use as a new desktop distro at the moment. (for those who want a Mac feel, try ElementaryOS)
[11-04, 5:35 PM] Luke
: Ah well, I'm sorry, wish I had more to add to the game lol. :P
[11-04, 10:52 AM] DJMali
: Well than.
[11-04, 10:32 AM] Darksoke
: nice play to win :D but i have already bought all Premium templates :(
[11-03, 9:27 PM] Luke
: Don't forget to Play To Win, current game runs 10/31 - 11/30. You could win a Premium Style License, FREE!
[11-03, 12:00 PM] Chris
: Read the topic for the specific position you are wanting.
[11-03, 12:17 AM] DJMali
: Well, what skills would I need? xD

I'm decent in a lot of coding languages.
And I'm one thousand percent sure I'm fluent in English.
I can also speak Spanish. :x
[11-02, 5:17 PM] Chris
: You'd still be given an equal shot. It depends on your skills, not how well you're known.
[11-02, 2:17 AM] DJMali
: I'd apply, but I'm not really known so I figured not to.
[11-02, 2:05 AM] Chris
: /Cough. "Still recruiting moderators (and developers)."
[11-02, 1:44 AM] DJMali
: :X alrighty.
[11-02, 1:39 AM] Chris
: Keep in mind that forum bridging may be brought back in the next update, or a mini forum might be included with the CMS.
[11-02, 1:37 AM] Chris
: If you're suggesting about forum bridging, that was dropped in the initial release of v3.0. If you desperately need it, v2.0 has it, or depending on what forum software you're using, you might be able to do it yourself.
[11-02, 1:34 AM] DJMali
: Would anyone happen to have a forum module for Azer?
[10-31, 12:01 AM] Luke
: A new Play To Win game has just started, enter now for a chance to win a Free Premium Style License. Enjoy, & Good Luck!
[10-30, 6:35 PM] Luke
: Play To Win starts at Midnight, be ready to enter for your chance to win!
[10-30, 6:34 PM] Luke
: Well, there is quite a bit you can do, however it can not be used as a style for the CMS as of current.
[10-29, 2:45 PM] Dominik96
: so what can i do with Crusade Gaming Package?
[10-29, 1:14 PM] Luke
: Styles listed here.
[10-29, 8:05 AM] Dominik96
: then what is?
[10-29, 8:01 AM] Luke
: The Crusade Gaming Package is not a style for the CMS.
[10-29, 6:39 AM] Dominik96
: witch azercms site support Crusade Gaming style? version 2 or 3 or bouth?
[10-28, 10:35 PM] Luke
: Board Maintenance is complete, please enjoy the much faster Loading Times.

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