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[07-24, 3:17 PM] Chris
: I've been doing things relating to my personal life, so that's why I haven't gotten around to fixing it. I might just set-up another VM since it would be quicker at the moment.
[07-24, 3:15 PM] Chris
: I haven't finished the VM's set-up process. I just have to fix MariaDB since something happened to that install on there. After that, I can finish the process of getting a testing environment set-up.
[07-24, 1:02 PM] Mason
: Are you getting the V.I.P points automatically after you donate?
[07-20, 1:36 PM] Chris
: Please do not ask for support in the Shoutbox in the future. Refer to our rules for the Shoutbox.
[07-20, 1:09 PM] Mason
: sorry about the shout.. i can't remove it..
[07-20, 11:17 AM] Chris
: UTF-8 Support will not be implemented until the next update at this moment. I apologize for any inconvenience(s) this may cause you. This may be subject to change at a later time.
[07-20, 4:30 AM] Mason
: Hi! hows it goes with UTF-8 Support?
[07-07, 10:29 PM] Luke
: The PM system has been re-enabled.
[07-07, 10:29 AM] Chris
: In regards to making Private Messages: We are currently aware of the notice returned upon attempting to make one. This is intentional.
[07-03, 11:41 PM] Chris
: In the mean-time, please make a thread for support in Technical Support. The Shoutbox is not supposed to be used for technical support.
[07-03, 10:21 PM] Chris
: That is not an official source, and I will be sending DMCA Takedowns momentarily.
[07-03, 1:05 PM] Loud420
: I purchased the theme form this website
And besides this, the donation points don't get awarded to players for some reason, everything was set up correctly.
[07-03, 11:39 AM] Luke
: Loud420, I don't see any purchases from your account. Also, the store will send custom items, the popup stat display is the only part that won't work, and that is because it is powered by WoWHead.
[07-03, 11:24 AM] Loud420
: Maybe you should include the fact that your CMS doesn't support custom items in the item store in the official guide or somewhere else. I wasted some money on a theme before realizing that fact.
[07-01, 11:20 AM] Chris
: What is the problem?
[07-01, 5:08 AM] Own3R
: i have problem with download link :(
[06-27, 12:17 PM] Chris
: Just send the E-Mail. You don't have to ask for permission to send it beforehand. As long as you're not using the forwarding address, you'll be fine.
[06-27, 11:25 AM] Rodrigojl
: Can i send you an email Mr. Luke ? about a problem that even in the support forum i wasnt able to fix it.
[06-27, 11:23 AM] Rodrigojl
: Sorry Mr. Luke re you there?
[06-27, 11:22 AM] Rodrigojl
: Hi Everybody
[06-23, 11:45 AM] Luke
: Void, please post a support thread under the Technical Support Forum, and we will reply as soon as time permits. The Shoutbox is not for Support. Thanks.
[06-23, 11:14 AM] Void
: Hello someone can help me? My shop is with a error it says that my realm is offline.
[06-22, 8:30 PM] Chris
: The discount has been lowered back to 15% as stated before. Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience(s) that were caused by that downtime yesterday. Thanks again for choosing Azer CMS!
[06-21, 9:03 PM] Chris
: I have switched over to a new E-Mail Address, my old one still works. It will just forward all incoming mail to my new one. We have also set-up a new forwarding address. Read more here.

Board Update
Posted 05-19-16, at 11:04 PM.
Over the past couple of days several small updates were applied to the Board to increase efficiency and create a more user friendly environment. You may have already noticed some of the changes to the Index as well as the Session Hub as seen below:

Session Hub
^ Click to expand.

^ Click to expand.

Several of the Index Forums have been relocated as Sub-Forums to help clean the Index and make navigating the Board a little easier. The Forums that have been relocated are as follows:

Relocated Forums

The CMS Demos Forum containing links to the V3 and V2 Demos have been relocated to a sub-forum within the Downloads Forum.

The Games & Extras, Tutorials, and Server Listings have been relocated to a sub-forum within the Community General Chat Forum.

The Media Category containing the Graphic Discussion, Styles, and Modules Forums has been deleted, and its Forums have been relocated to a sub-form within the New Community Media & Graphics Forum.

The Super User Download Forum has been relocated to a sub-forum within the Super User General Chat Forum.

The F.A.Q Forum has been relocated to a sub-forum within the Technical Support Forum.

The Bugs & Issues Forum, for reporting bugs, has been relocated to a sub-forum within the Feedback Forum.

If you would like to provide any feedback on the current update or what you would like to see in future updates, please leave a detailed reply below!
By Luke.
Next Update
Posted 01-08-16, at 4:51 PM.
A new thread has been posted outside of the News Forum. Click the above link to be forwarded to the posted thread. Next Update.

The posted thread includes information about future updates to Azer CMS V3.0 and current progress.
By Luke.
Official Azer CMS Style/Module Hosting
Posted 10-15-15, at 4:19 PM.
Azer CMS now offers official hosting for Styles and Modules compatible with V2.0 / V3.0 of ACMS. No need to deal with third party hosting services and dead links. In order to qualify as an applicant, a copy of the style and/or module, description, and version compatibility must be submitted to Chris or Luke via Email.

After your application email has been received, it will be reviewed to ensure no malicious contents are enclosed. Once the contents have been reviewed, the file will be uploaded in a .ZIP format and the applicant will receive a PM containing the Download Link for distribution. Eventually the system will be updated to support .RAR archives as an alternative to .ZIP.

We hope you take advantage of this service!

- The Azer CMS Team
By Chris.
[Update] Item Store
Posted 08-05-15, at 10:39 PM.
After several long hours working with the RA system for TrinityCore, I was unable to solve the issue surrounding the Item Store. However, I have modified the CMS with a temporary SOAP replacement for compatibility with the latest TrinityCore revisions. The official download has been updated with this temporary replacement, and will not have RA support.

Config Settings

$ra_host = "; #- SOAP Host
$ra_user = ""; #- Remains the same
$ra_pass = ""; #- Remains the same

Realms Table

The column ra_port will be the listening port you set for SOAP in your worldserver config.

Store_items Table

[1]. The amount column in this table allows you to send multiples of the same item, however it will only work with stackable items, and should not exceed the max stack amount.

[2].The item column has not changed and will still allow you to send multiple items with each separated by a comma. For example 8529, 6948 would send a Hearthstone x1 as well as Noggenfogger Elixir x1.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please post a reply. However, this temporary fix has only been tested in a few select scenarios, and full functionality can not be guaranteed at this time. If you any issues, please open a proper Technical Support thread.
By Luke.
Posted 10-19-14, at 2:50 AM.
I am excited to announce the launch of the Premium Shapawned Style for V3.0. License purchase is now available in the Store.



By Luke.