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[02-28, 8:49 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!
[02-23, 11:18 AM] Chris
: Then you'll have to learn how to.
[02-23, 11:16 AM] Mazxz
: I dont know how to script that sir :(
[02-23, 11:16 AM] Chris
: You can write the script yourself. There's nothing preventing you from doing so.
[02-23, 11:15 AM] Mazxz
: So I can only send item? :( How I suppose to sell level up and everything ? :( Im sad!
[02-23, 11:14 AM] Chris
: We do not support character/account modifications through the store at the moment.
[02-23, 10:40 AM] Mazxz
: Pls guy I dont found nothing on the forum :/
[02-23, 10:06 AM] Mazxz
: Hey Guy how can I enter command in the shop like .characters level 85
[02-23, 8:24 AM] Chris
: You need to make sure you have the appropriate amount of Azer CMS Credits before you try to buy something from the store.
[02-23, 6:22 AM] Mazxz
: nvm it ok
[02-23, 6:22 AM] Mazxz
: I click buy now and nothing happen
[02-23, 6:21 AM] Mazxz
: I try to buy The Shapawned and it dont work ?
[02-18, 10:24 AM] Chris
: We now support embedding videos that are hosted on Vimeo. Previously we only allowed embedding from YouTube.
[02-17, 11:41 AM] Chris
: Please see rule 4 of the Shoutbox Rules, Naptic.
[02-17, 9:40 AM] Chris
: I responded to your thread. Please review the Shoutbox Rules as well.
[02-17, 9:39 AM] Naptic
: But I also got another error :(
[02-17, 9:38 AM] Chris
: You can change the ports for your realm in the ACP. If you have any need for Technical Support, use the Technical Support forum.
[02-17, 9:19 AM] Naptic
: Can anyone help my how I change Port for Azer CMS?
[02-14, 5:42 PM] Luke
: It is good to be home!
[02-03, 2:24 AM] Chris
: (oh, and I forgot to mention that there may be some slight differences in regards to functionality, but we'll go into detail about that later on)
[02-03, 2:19 AM] Chris
: The page for creating new threads uses the new style now, and we are utilizing TinyMCE in addition to the style update. We'll be configuring the look of TinyMCE over time. Please let us know of any issues that occur.
[02-02, 6:30 PM] Chris
: It has been thought about for v4.0. See the thread regarding v4.0's development.
[02-02, 5:26 PM] Gontzal240
: Hey Chris or Luke, are u guys planning to do something like change gender, race, or buying gold by the shop.
[01-28, 10:57 AM] Chris
: When asking for help, please don't just state that you have an issue and then ask if I can help. It makes me have to do extra typing to get details that you should have already given me to begin with.
[01-22, 3:14 PM] Chris
: Go into the ACP and change it.
[01-22, 11:45 AM] MasterDruid
: finally its working how do i change my theme i have a new one
[01-22, 11:44 AM] MasterDruid
: this box dont work
[01-16, 9:38 PM] Chris
: If you need more help than this, make a thread in the Technical Support forum, as the Shoutbox is not a place to ask for Technical Support.
[01-16, 9:38 PM] Chris
: What I'm saying is to manually edit the style. Not use the ACP. As in, open ./styles/Escalation/css/style.css with a Text Editor or an IDE.
[01-16, 4:44 PM] Kernum
: Thanks for the reply, what about the text size in the News section? I cant seem to control it even with HTML in the acp. Is there anyway to upsize it?
[01-15, 10:36 PM] Chris
: That being said, you can go into ./styles/Escalation/css/style.css to change the font used.
[01-15, 10:32 PM] Chris
: The image used to display what Escalation looks like is the original image by ZaFireHD. It is to show how the design looks over-all.
[01-15, 6:47 PM] Kernum
: Bought Escalation, font is stuck in Serif. Was advertised with Sans-Serif font. Do you know how I can fix?
[01-15, 4:48 PM] Chris
: What is your question?
[01-15, 2:18 PM] Kernum
: hey I have a question about a style for sale
[01-14, 10:19 AM] Chris
: A reminder that accounts that stay unactivated after five days are liable to be deleted at any time. Please activate your account as soon as you are able to after you register.
[01-13, 8:29 AM] Chris
: Users are once again able to access profiles, and they now utilize the new style as well.

[Development] Azer CMS V4
Posted 08-04-16, at 7:58 PM.
I am excited to announce the development of Azer CMS V4, and with that... a whole new face to the project, including a new Default Style, ACP Login, and Admin Control Panel! I am working to ensure V4 is compatible with both PHP Versions 5.6.1 and 7.0.4. V4 will also have support for newer expansions and continued support for 3.3.5. If you have any suggestions for V4 like features and such, please leave a comment below! As of current, there is no estimated release date for V4, but I will keep the community updated as the project gains progress.

V4 Default Style
^ Click to expand.

V4 ACP Login
^ Click to expand.

V4 Admin Control Panel
^ Click to expand.

Also check out the New Azer CMS Store!

Azer CMS is a free project, however the operation cost(s) are not. All purchases will help to cover the operation cost(s) of the Azer CMS project. Thank you for your support and for choosing Azer CMS! --> Web Store.

Login System 50% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the login page.

Registration & Expansion Support 98% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the Registration page.

The registration will support the following expansions:

  • Wrath of the Lich King using MySQLi Based account registration.

  • Cataclysm using MySQLi Based account registration with RBAC.

  • Mist of Pandaria using UnKnown registration format.

  • Warlords of Draenor using MySQLi Based BattleNet & Account registration with RBAC.

The AntiBot system used in V3 will be replaced with an updated and more effective captcha.

At launch the Ajax system, V3 uses to identify valid input for registration before submission, will not be available.
By Luke.
Official Azer CMS Style/Module Hosting
Posted 10-15-15, at 4:19 PM.
Azer CMS now offers official hosting for Styles and Modules compatible with V2.0 / V3.0 of ACMS. No need to deal with third party hosting services and dead links. In order to qualify as an applicant, a copy of the style and/or module, description, and version compatibility must be submitted to Chris or Luke via Email.

After your application email has been received, it will be reviewed to ensure no malicious contents are enclosed. Once the contents have been reviewed, the file will be uploaded in a .ZIP format and the applicant will receive a PM containing the Download Link for distribution. Eventually the system will be updated to support .RAR archives as an alternative to .ZIP.

We hope you take advantage of this service!

- The Azer CMS Team
By Chris.
[Update] Item Store
Posted 08-05-15, at 10:39 PM.
After several long hours working with the RA system for TrinityCore, I was unable to solve the issue surrounding the Item Store. However, I have modified the CMS with a temporary SOAP replacement for compatibility with the latest TrinityCore revisions. The official download has been updated with this temporary replacement, and will not have RA support.

Config Settings

$ra_host = "; #- SOAP Host
$ra_user = ""; #- Remains the same
$ra_pass = ""; #- Remains the same

Realms Table

The column ra_port will be the listening port you set for SOAP in your worldserver config.

Store_items Table

[1]. The amount column in this table allows you to send multiples of the same item, however it will only work with stackable items, and should not exceed the max stack amount.

[2].The item column has not changed and will still allow you to send multiple items with each separated by a comma. For example 8529, 6948 would send a Hearthstone x1 as well as Noggenfogger Elixir x1.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please post a reply. However, this temporary fix has only been tested in a few select scenarios, and full functionality can not be guaranteed at this time. If you any issues, please open a proper Technical Support thread.
By Luke.
Posted 10-19-14, at 2:50 AM.
I am excited to announce the launch of the Premium Shapawned Style for V3.0. License purchase is now available in the Store.



By Luke.

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