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Greetings Members of the Azer CMS Community,

Recently it was discovered that we had a potential security compromise of User Data, as a back-up of the database for the Azer CMS Community Website that was used for our migration to a Web-Host was unintentionally exposed to the Internet. This is not an issue due to the website's scripting, it was human error. This file's existence on the Web-Host was unknown to Luke, and I had thought it was protected against outside access (not knowing it had been uploaded by accident).

As far as we know, only two people had accessed this file ever. This would be Luke and myself. Passwords are salted and hashed, but despite this, we recommend that you change the password to your Azer CMS account, and any accounts that share this password (you should always use a different password for every account).

We are disheartened to have learned that this occurred, and we will strive as best we can to earn the trust of the community back and ensure that instances like this do not happen again. As a precaution, we have terminated all login sessions prior to December 19th, as it is unknown whether or not any of the Session IDs were accessed. We apologize for any inconvenience(s) that this has caused.

The Azer CMS Team

Note: This applies only to accounts that were created on or before May 18th, 2017.
By Chris.
Site Demo
Posted 10-23-17, at 7:53 PM.
The Demo for v3.0 has been restored and is available with the Default style on display. If you would like to see another style put on Demo, please send an Email or Private Message to Chris or myself.

Going forward the v2.0 Demo will no longer be available, this version will however remain available for download. If you have any question or comments, feel free to Email or Private Message Chris or myself.

Contact Chris
Private Message

Contact Luke
Private Message
By Luke.
Update to the User Control Panel
Posted 05-30-17, at 10:01 PM.
An update has been applied to the User Control Panel on the Azer CMS Site to allow profile updates to the email address linked to a member's account. Before the member's profile is updated, verification will be required via a Hyperlink sent to the email address in question. To help prevent unwanted change to a member's account, a recovery process will be available via a Hyperlink sent to the original address linked to the member's account.

By Luke.
Release: Azer CMS v3.1.4
Posted 05-03-17, at 7:10 AM.
This release is a general fix and feature release that has been needed for quite a long time.

- Partial UTF-8 Support (as far as I know, account information may not contain UTF-8 characters, so try to keep that stuff to Latin)
- Mists of Pandaria Support (if your server does not have the 'send items' command, the store will not function properly)
- Official transition to SOAP, if you miss RA, I'm sorry for any inconvenience(s) this may cause you.

- Many redundant isset()s were changed to !empty()s, being that $_POST is always set
- ACP CSS issue for the Home Button on the ACP Navigator has been fixed for Firefox and derivatives
- Changes to installer and other backend stuff to adjust the official transition to SOAP from RA
- Some things in the ACP were changed grammar-wise, I don't remember what all
- Change to a comment in ./core/inc/sys.php to reflect added MoP Support, like-wise with expansion selection in the ACP
- Installer has had some comments added for the initial first step to better separate the CREATE TABLE Queries as well as to slightly recognize what they do

Please let me know of any issues that arise from this update. You may download the previous version of the CMS, v3.1.3, here.

Note: For the time being, v3.1.4 will only be available in the form of a .ZIP Archive. To download v3.1.4, click on the 'Download' option in the navigator at the top of the website. Not sure how to update to v3.1.4? If you've not modified the CMS before, click here!
By Chris.
[Development] Azer CMS V4
Posted 08-04-16, at 7:58 PM.
I am excited to announce the development of Azer CMS V4, and with that... a whole new face to the project, including a new Default Style, ACP Login, and Admin Control Panel! I am working to ensure V4 is compatible with both PHP Versions 5.6.1 and 7.0.4. V4 will also have support for newer expansions and continued support for 3.3.5. If you have any suggestions for V4 like features and such, please leave a comment below! As of current, there is no estimated release date for V4, but I will keep the community updated as the project gains progress.

V4 Default Style
^ Click to expand.

V4 Admin Control Panel 5% Complete
^ Click to expand.

V4 ACP Login 100% Complete
^ Click to expand.

Also check out the New Azer CMS Store!

Azer CMS is a free project, however the operation cost(s) are not. All purchases will help to cover the operation cost(s) of the Azer CMS project. Thank you for your support and for choosing Azer CMS! --> Web Store.

CMS Expansion List

  1. Wrath Of The Lich King 3.3.5

  2. Cataclysm 4.x.x

  3. Mist Of Pandaria 5.x.x

  4. Warlords Of Draenor 6.x.x
  5. BattleNet Accounts

Login System 99% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before, it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the login page.

If your server expansion supports BattleNet accounts, the login system will allow login from either the BattleNet account or the regular account in the account table.

Registration & Expansion Support 99% Complete

During the V4 install process, as before, it will ask which expansion your server supports. This data will be stored in a global CMS table and used for different features throughout the CMS including the Registration page.

The registration system will not modify any TrinityCore tables. Instead, a new table "user_profiles" has been added to the CMS.

The registration will support the following expansions:

  • Wrath of the Lich King using MySQLi Based account registration.

  • Cataclysm using MySQLi Based account registration with RBAC.

  • Mist of Pandaria using UnKnown registration format.

  • Warlords of Draenor using MySQLi Based BattleNet & Account registration with RBAC.

The AntiBot system used in V3 will be replaced with an updated and more effective captcha.

At launch the Ajax system, V3 uses to identify valid input for registration before submission, will not be available.

Other Front End Features

• News System, 99% Complete. No Paging.
• Realm status, 75% Complete.
• v4 will use PHPMailer / SMTP for sending emails. (V3 currently uses PHP mail().)

Community Information

• I have started adding documentation for Community Help when v4 is officially launched.

Last updated, June 07, 2017.
By Luke.

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