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[02-10, 4:07 PM] Chris
: I have edited the announcement for Style/Module Hosting. This will clarify our standing against licensing.
[02-10, 11:31 AM] Chris
: I would like to remind everyone who wants to make a module or style for Azer CMS that we do offer hosting for you.
[01-19, 1:48 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!

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Posted 06-01-13, at 12:41 AM.

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Thank You for choosing Azer CMS. Please use the addresses listed below to contact the Azer CMS Staff Members:

Azer CMS Discord

Invite: #lobby

Discord Server Rules:

  1. Follow all other rules of the Azer CMS Community

  2. Do not message non-staff members in the server privately unless you explicitly obtain their consent

  3. Do not join the server to ask for help and then leave if you do not get an immediate answer

These are the only three rules for now, more may be added in the future.

Luke doesn't receive notifications when mobile, and may take a while to respond via this method.

Luke (PM)
- E-Mail Address: (Automated Reply)
- Discord Username: Luke#1791

Chris (PM)
- E-Mail Address: (Automated Reply)
- Discord Username: ParsingError#6842

Infinitas (PM)
- E-Mail Address:
- Discord Username: Infinitas#9610


If you need to desperately get into contact with both Luke and Chris, we have an alternative E-Mail Address you may send an E-Mail to, which will forward to both of our E-Mail Accounts at the same time. This address should only be used if you need to contact us for reasons OTHER than Technical Support, unless instructed to otherwise. Examples of valid use are for legal reasons, to report things regarding security if it is REALLY sensitive (we'll still inform the community), or to get into contact with us about other sensitive ordeals.

Forwarding Address:

All messages sent to staff members will be responded to as soon as possible. Staff Members will be notified of Private Messages sent via Email Notification, however this does not always guarantee quick response times. Once again, Thank You for choosing Azer CMS!

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