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[02-10, 4:07 PM] Chris
: I have edited the announcement for Style/Module Hosting. This will clarify our standing against licensing.
[02-10, 11:31 AM] Chris
: I would like to remind everyone who wants to make a module or style for Azer CMS that we do offer hosting for you.
[01-19, 1:48 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!

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About Azer CMS
Posted 09-02-12, at 3:24 AM.

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Azer CMS, ACMS for short, is a (Free) Content Management System for the World of Warcraft Trinity Core Emulator. Luke Schofield (Azer), started the Azer CMS project in 2011, and has been the sole developer since. There are currently five versions of Azer CMS, and are as follows:

Azer CMS V1.0

This version of the CMS is currently unavailable. Beta - Full

Azer CMS V1.5

This version of the CMS is currently unavailable. Source

Azer CMS V2.0

Source - Download

Azer CMS V3.0 (Current)

Source - Download

Azer CMS V4.0 (Under Development)

V4.0 is currently under development. [Source]

Azer CMS V3.0 is the most up to date version, and can be downloaded via the download button on the top navigation menu.

The Azer CMS website is powered by a custom forum system, ACMSBB V2.0, that was originally going to be used as a Private Server Forum Software aka TMBB or Trinity and Mangos Bulletin Board. ACMSBB makes used of the same style parser as the CMS itself.

- Updated August 23, 2016 @ 8:04 PM.

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